My name is Richard Lloyd-Mullen and I am a Manchester born photographic artist, living and working in the area. After fulfilling a diverse career across a wide range of industries, I now concentrate all my work on self-directed photography projects, which currently are focussed on waste and environmental issues.

My project methodology often includes a documentary style approach resulting in the development of interesting interpretations of the issue at hand, in an effort to raise awareness.

Main Projects

  • 2020   Big Litter – Little People.
  • 2019    The Real Monster at Loch Ness.
  • 2019    Will the Show go on ?
  • 2019    Platform 5 Gallery Renovation.
  • 2018    Reinterpreting Atget’s Paris.
  • 2018    Relationships Sometimes.
  • 2018    Matchbox Creatures.